The major role of the alumni network of the Tunisian school of politics is reinforcing the links of solidarity and mutual aid between the political parties. It falls under the dynamics of advice, knowledge exchanges, resources , and meetings between the different representatives of political parties in a spirit of the one community.

The Alumni comunity is made of 4 commissions :

Organization of the Alumnis activities

  • Roles and Tasks :
    • Organizing of civic acivities
    • Organizing of debates and roundtables.
    • Promoting democracy and public culture (e.g, the world Forum of youth for democracy)

 Foreign relations :

  • Roles and Tasks :
    • Reinforcing the relation between Tunisian school of politics and the other schools of politics throughout the world with regrad to exchange of experince and the organization of commom activities and to establish relations between the previous students of the schools.
    • Reinforcing the communication and  relation with the world’s non-governmental and governmental organizations in order to consolidate the representation of tunisian school of politics throughout these organizations as well as to develop the cooperation concerning the themes of democracy and political transition.

Communication :

  • Roles and Tasks :

v  Internal communication.

  • Ensuring the communication between all the alumni.
  • Ensuring the communication between all the commissions of Alumni club.
  • Ensuring the communication with the TsoP’ coordinator.

v  Foreign communication

  • Arranging meetings between the alumni and the previous students of TsoP.
  • Spreading the information about the club and the alumni’s activities.
  • Ensuring the publication of the articles and researches carried out within the framework of the activities of the club previous students.

Documentation and research :

  • Roles and Tasks :
    • Sharing the content of the TSOP’ trainings with the alumni.
    • Enriching the TSOP’ s library.
    • Creating a newsettler for the TSOP’ s alumni.