Consultatif Council

The advisory Council has been created since 2014. It is made of persons in charge of training most political partis and of soe of the civil society’s organizations except those participating in the school as well as experts and academics who maintain sustaining relations of collaboration with the institution.

The advisory council endeavours to :

  1. Recommend the school’s director and personnel for the elaboration and implementation of the strategic plan and the activities of the school. The advisoy Council focuses on the general aspects of research, politics and programms rather than on the school’s management.
  2. Direct the school’s activities in order to assess its performance and progress in achieving the goals set by the concil’s strategic plan.
  3. Collaborate with the director to implemet all the school’s activities within an ethical framework.
  4. Serve as an intermediate pivot between the school and the group of speaker through calling upon the participation of researchers, politicians, partners and the participants interested in research.
  5. Facilitate the interaction and communication between the school and the outside environmemt made of non-governmental organizations and political parties.
  6. Be able to spread the information through using its knowledge, competence, creativity and its capacity for innovation in the school’s discussions and activities.