"Civil Society Faces to National Challenges"

Civil society expresses all the vitality of social life, based on the free will of all without any relation of authority or private interest. A world of solidarity where the demands and evolutions of a society would manifest, while concretizing a form of pragmatic and effective action.
With a mission to raise public awareness, the S.C. is a source of social innovation and contributes significantly to the transformation of society.
Its social utility is beyond doubt, it has the tools of living together, and must take into consideration the need to impact, guide the future of society, and find new forms of collective action.
With this in mind, a strategic brainstorming workshop proposed as part of the #CEMI #KAS partnership entitled "Civil Society Faces to National Challenges" was held on November 10, 2018, in order to identify the factors of change and implement value the strategic priorities for Tunisia of tomorrow.


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