DEMO Finland

Demo Finland  is  a co-operative organization ; it unites all Finnish parliamentary parties. It seeks to consolidate democracy by carrying out and facilitating collaborative projects between Finnish political parties and political movements in developing countries.

Demo is an organization created by parties for parties. Dialogue and training programs which would provide opportunities for mutual learning, based on issues indentified in co-operation with partner organizations are the core of the organization’s work.

Party representatives from various backgrounds contribute their own expertise and compare both their own experiences of good practices and problems relative to democracy. Demo values inter-party co-operation and seeks to foster mutual understanding as well as a constructive and inclusive political culture.

At the moment, Demo is particularly focusing on two main issues – promoting gender equality in politics in Tanzania and Zambia and strengthening the voice of youth in politics in Nepal and Tunisia.

DEMO is one of the founding organization of the Tunisian School of Politics, the TSOP . It has a great contribution in this project as it presents its expertise on the empowerment of the youth’s participation in the political life on a multi-party basis. DEMO’s contribution is also manifested through the participation of Finnish experts by facilitating dialogue and mutual learning between both Finnish and Tunisian youth politicians.