The Bulgarian School of Politics

The Bulgarian School of Politics “DimitryPanitza” (BSoP) was established in 2001. Its mission is to prepare a community of civic and political leaders, with an active role in the national, European and global political and public life, devoted to modern democratic values, based on pluralism, tolerance, and informed debate. The School is an independent, non-governmental, non-profit organisation. It is accredited by the New Bulgarian University and is also a founding member of the Council of Europe’s Network of Schools of Political Studies.

Since 2001, more than 400 Bulgarian members of parliament, political party leaders, senior civil servants, and leaders from the non-governmental sector, and 150 foreign participants have been trained in the National and the Regional Programs of the School. The National Program targets politicians from the parties represented in the Bulgarian parliament, civic leaders, elected officials and senior representatives from the local, regional, and state administrations. The Regional Program targets young political and civic leaders from the Balkan region: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, and Serbia.

Since its establishment, the School has developed a strong national alumni network.  Currently, the Alumni Association includes some 400 members. In cooperation with the Alumni Association, the School organises annual public discussions, conferences and debates on current political, social and economic issues.

The Bulgarian School of Politics has been actively involved in international work training civil society and political leaders from Ukraine and the Balkans. Following the sweeping political changes in 2011 in North Africa, the BSoP with the support of the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs was one of the initiators for the establishment of the Tunisian School of Politics and currently is working towards the creation of an Egyptian School of Politics.